Le Marché Français

This morning we went to Le Marché, a French market which is held twice a week in a suburb not too far from us. Parking was tricky – we had to park about three blocks away. And when we got there, soon after 9am, it was already pretty crowded.

Le Marché Français

The market has some fresh produce…

Fresh produce

French bread…

French bread


French cheeses

French decorations…

Marché sign

And pastries and sweets!

Parisian flan, chocolate

That’s a chocolate Parisian flan, which I had. It was incredibly rich and delicious. I didn’t feel like any lunch afterwards until I had a small snack around 2pm, which was plenty to last until dinner.

This afternoon I mainly worked on comics, until my three evening ethics classes. It feels like it’s been a very full day.

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  1. Époisses that you see on the lower shelf is one of my favorite cheese. Melty and such a strong flavor.

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