A leisurely seafood lunch

Friday: Picked up groceries from the supermarket, taught four ethics classes, picked up Scully from wife’s work, went for a 2.5k run, cooked lentils and rice for dinner, played online board games night with friends. We played Decrypto, Evergreen, Jump Drive, Marrakech, Just One, 7 Wonders. And possibly something else I may have forgotten.

Today, Saturday, was more leisurely. I’ve started writing a new batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips, hopefully to photograph in time for new strips to go live by Monday. My wife an I took time out for lunch. Rather than go out for dinner this week in the winter cold (since we sit outdoors with Scully), we decided to have a nice lunch in the midday sun. We went to a local seafood restaurant that we like. I had the grilled salmon with agedashi eggplant on the side, which was really good. And for dessert I tried a new item on the menu, a “dark chocolate fireball”.

It came out on a red plate, a large ball of chocolate perched on a low bed of brownie-like cake. And then the waiter poured over a hot raspberry sauce, which melted the chocolate, revealing an interior with layers of raspberry sorbet and chocolate-raspberry namelaka (which I had to look up after we got home; namelaka turns out to be a type of ganache).

Dark chocolate fireball

It was delicious! And the lunch was very filling, so we’re planning to have a very light dinner tonight.

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