Time to get creative again!

I’m again running my Outschool class on “Creative Thinking & Problem Solving” with a practical project on designing a board game, for students aged 11-14 years. It’s a 6-week course starting Monday 31 July, with a 1-hour class at 6pm (Sydney time) each week. If you have or know a kid who likes games or would enjoy a class in creativity, check it out.

And speaking of creativity, I spent most of this afternoon photographing a new batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips, ready to start new updates again tonight. That, combined with 3 ethics classes in the morning, pretty much used up my whole day. Phew!

I’ve also started thinking about travel to Finland in November, for the next ISO Photography standards meeting, which is in Tampere. There are a few things to organise, such as a dog-sitter for Scully, before we can lock down dates and then start organising flights and hotels. Because Europe is so far away, we’re thinking of combining it again with a week or so somewhere else in Europe. Preferably somewhere not so cold! Perhaps Italy in November will be nice.

New content today:

2 thoughts on “Time to get creative again!”

  1. Be sure to find out a decent hotel in Italy, then!

    I was once in Trieste in October-November for some weeks, working (doing AGN stuff with the Planck satellite, or rather preparing data processing before the flight). For my Finnish sensibilities, it was cold about all the time – the temperatures inside didn’t go much above 17 degrees. This was a cheap bed&breakfast, though (see the researcher thing).

    At least check the expected weather there. It might be warmer than Tampere but still cold.

    1. Haha…. that’s a comment we get in Australia a lot when northern Europeans visit – they can’t believe how cold it gets indoors. When it’s 14° outside in winter, it’s also 14° inside.

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