Into the city

We had rain overnight. Not just rain, but a thunderstorm. I was woken at 01:20 by a huge clap of thunder, not far away, and then there were several more over the next few minutes. There was rain too, moderately heavy, but it was nothing compared to the thunder, and I don’t think it lasted very long. Better than nothing though, as the gardens and lawns got some water for the first time in ages.

Sydney recorded 2.8 mm of rain. Which is not a lot, by any standard except the incredible drought that we’re currently in. Every second post in the subreddit /r/sydney this morning was some variant on “It’s raining!!” That’s how excited people here were to get less than 3 mm of rain.

The moisture mixed with the bushfire smoke hanging over Sydney to create a weird white smog effect that lasted through the whole day. It looked like fog, but had a faint smokey smell. I braved it go head into the city on the train to do some shopping. I signed up to be a reddit Rematch Secret Santa, and I was on an expedition to get some gifts. I won’t say what I got, but I think my recipient should be fairly pleased, as I hit many of the “likes” in their profile.

George Street in smoky haze

I got home and planned to spend the day writing up a new Proof the Earth is a Globe, but a little thing happened in Iran/Iraq that distracted me for a bit. I did eventually get into it, but I’m maybe only a third through writing it. Hopefully I can finish and post it tomorrow.

New content today:

Blending and writing

Our old stick blender threw in the towel a little while ago while I was blending up some pumpkin soup. I had to finish the soup off by hand with a potato masher. It was a bit chunky and not really ideal for pumpkin soup. So I’ve been looking to replace the blender. It was a cheapish model, and didn’t last as long as I would have liked, so I did some research, read some reviews, and decided that a Bamix would be a good replacement. Unfortunately they’re quite expensive… But lo! I found a major retailer who had some on sale, for almost half price. After confirming the colour with my wife, I placed an order yesterday. On this sale item, they didn’t deliver, so I had to go into the store to pick it up.

This involved a train ride a couple of suburbs away to the nearest store. I left in the morning, after leaving my computer upgrade its operating system to MacOS Catalina while I was out. I picked up the new blender, and took advantage of the street stalls to get some Malaysian street food snacks as I headed back to the station. On the way home I realised I should pick up some groceries, so detoured via the supermarket.

I ended up not getting home until just before lunch. The OS upgrade went without incident, and my machine was ready to go. I spent the rest of the day working on an article for 100 Proofs that the Earth is a Globe, which I just finished and posted now, a bit after 9pm. I cooked dinner in between too – lentil dhal with cauliflower and rice. Phew… time to relax…

New content today: