Tonsil recovery day 6

I woke up this morning and felt like my throat hadn’t gotten any better, as I struggled to swallow my breakfast. But I had an appointment with the surgeon for a follow-up examination in the morning. He took a look and said everything looked as expected. He said that the pain from a tonsillectomy usually peaks around day 5 or 6 and then begins to fall off after that. Given today was day 6, that was good news!

And this evening, after having dinner, I feel like it is actually less painful than this morning. I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or really happening, but I’ll take it either way. Here’s hoping it feels even better tomorrow.

There’s not much else to report since we’re a few days into COVID lockdown still, and it was rainy again today, so there’s no real reason to go out. Except to pick up Scully from doggie daycare this afternoon, after my wife popped her in at lunchtime for a few hours.

In between I mostly worked on a Secret Project, so there’s not much I can say about that either…

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Tonsil recovery day 5

The recovery from tonsil surgery proceeds slowly. The pain may have been even worse early in the day as it was really hard to eat breakfast and lunch, but this evening I feel like it’s slightly better again. Let’s see what it’s like tomorrow. I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon tomorrow morning to check on progress of the healing, so he’ll let me know what’s normal at this stage.

It rained today more than yesterday, which meant Scully was cooped up at home again. Except I took her out to the dog park this afternoon in what I hoped would be a break in the rain. It held off for a few minutes, but by the time we’d completed a short walk it started up again. Here’s a photo of the sky during the brief non-rainy period:

Rain clouds over Sydney

I did some work today on ISO standards, following up from the recent meeting. I have a bunch of ballots to go through, voting and recommending options to others on the Australian committee. And I did some comic stuff as well.

I cancelled my online ethics classes last Friday and yesterday (Monday) so I could recover from the tonsil surgery. My next class is on Thursday, but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to do it, as today my voice started going thin and croaky, and it was hurting a bit to talk. If I can’t talk properly by Thursday I’ll have to cancel more classes.

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Tonsil recovery day 4

I slept reasonably well last night, perhaps thanks to the painkillers I took before bed. So I felt a bit more rested and alert today than I have the past two days.

However it’s Monday, and my wife was back at work – only she had to work from home because of the current COVID lockdown here in Sydney. She had equipment here from previous work-at-home stints, but when plugged in her phone/switchboard didn’t work, and it took her until 4:30pm wrestling with tech support via her own personal phone before it started working. And meanwhile the whole day she was getting voicemail messages delivered via email, because she couldn’t answer the phone and so everyone was leaving messages. So it all kind of piled up and was generally unpleasant.

Add to this that Scully got bored being stuck indoors, and it was wet and rainy outside, and I didn’t feel well enough to go on a walk, and the three of us were stuck indoors together trying to do stuff and interrupting one another… it wasn’t a particularly fun day.

Eventually I took Scully out late in the afternoon and she of course got wet and covered in grass. I had to wash her paws off in the bathroom sink.

My throat seems perhaps a bit more painful than yesterday. I had real trouble eating anything today. I made risotto for dinner because it’s nice and soft, and it still took me about twice as long as normal to eat it, wincing down every mouthful.

I don’t really mean to complain, but I’m pretty over this now and want to go back to being able to eat and chew properly and move my tongue around without it hurting so much. More ice cream tonight!!

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Tonsil recovery day 3

Last night before bed I had some of the super painkiller tablets the hospital gave me, and they definitely helped me sleep better. I slept in a little late this morning. Although the sleep was better, it was still interrupted a bit by a phlegmy throat and coughing.

Today began feeling similar to yesterday, but I think I’ve improved a little over the day. Yesterday afternoon I was really worn out, but today I think I felt a little better – although definitely not back to normal. Although I was hungry at lunch time, I didn’t really feel like eating because of the painful swallowing. I forced down a couple of small grilled cheese sandwiches.

For dinner tonight I made fried rice with broccoli, carrot, onion, ginger, and cashews. Normally I put chilli in, but I’m staying off the spicy food until my throat feels better.

COVID-wise, Sydney had 20 new cases today. Most of those were not already in isolation as close contacts, so it seems to be spreading through the community still. The hope is that contact tracing will see those un-isolated cases dwindle down to zero within the next week, thus confining the virus to people in quarantine, and then we can start thinking about lifting the lockdown.

At some point I need to go buy some groceries, but the news has been showing a lot of crowded supermarkets with people in the throes of panic buying. I’m hoping on Monday morning when people start doing work stuff that the supermarkets will be a bit more normal and I can go in and get milk and stuff without battling hordes of people.

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Tonsil recovery day 2

Today wasn’t as good as yesterday. I didn’t sleep very well again, although better than the previous night, I think. In the morning I felt okay, and I went on a long walk with my wife and Scully before lunch. But by the time we got home I was feeling very tired and worn out, and was walking very slowly.

I’ve been feeling fatigued all afternoon. I didn’t really feel like eating at lunch time, but I forced down some toast about 3pm, which was difficult as it’s becoming more painful to swallow food.

I’m going to take it easy and basically lie on the sofa and watch TV for a bit.

Oh, the other big news is Sydney is in full COVID lockdown again, as of earlier this evening. The latest outbreak has reached 82 cases, and the whole city, plus the immediately surrounding areas are now in lockdown for two weeks (at least). No leaving home except for (1) essential work or education that can’t be done from home, (2) medical reasons, (3) shopping for necessary supplies, or (4) 2 hours a day of exercise, within your local council region.

Hopefully this will get the outbreak under control. Although I’ve had one AstraZeneca vaccine shot, I need to wait 12 weeks – until September – for my second. My wife is booked in for a Pfizer vaccine in a couple of weeks, and she can have her second dose just 3 weeks later, so she’s going to beat me to full vaccination.

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Tonsil recovery day 1

I didn’t feel in much pain last night after my tonsil surgery, so I just had a couple of paracetamol tablets before bed, rather than the extra-strong painkillers I’d been prescribed. I think I would have slept okay, but I kept waking with a clogged phlegmy feeling throat, and having to swallow to clear it, so I didn’t sleep very well.

Today, mostly my throat has not been painful in general, but it does hurt when I swallow food. I need to chew well to avoid any hard or scratchy lumps and to swallow smaller portions at a time, and wash it down with water. I had my usual muesli for breakfast and was okay with that routine.

For lunch my wife and I went out to a nice seafood restaurant. Normally we go out on a Friday night, but we decided to do it for lunch today since she was off work to look after me, and then we could relax at home tonight. I had a nice piece of grilled salmon, with chips.

At home I relaxed a bit, made some comics, and then in the evening it was virtual games night. I played a coupe of games of Kingdomino and then a Nidavellir, before stopping to relax and just watch some TV with my wife before bedtime.

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Tonsils out!

Today was the big day. My wife took the day off work to look after me going in and out of the hospital. I only needed to be there at 10am, so we didn’t set an alarm and allowed ourselves a sleep-in, although I woke up early and got up at the usual time anyway because I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I had nothing for breakfast but a sip of water. A bit before 10 we went up to the hospital and my wife left me outside, since there was a COVID check-in protocol to go through to enter the building. I was scheduled for the surgery for 11am, however I ended up waiting in the patient prep area with a surgical gown on for about an hour and a half. Nurses and the anaesthetist came in to see me and said that the patient before me had had some complications and the surgery was taking longer than usual. I’d packed my phone away tightly in the storage bag with my clothes, which they’d secured, so I couldn’t easily get it out to kill the time, so I just had to do my best.

Eventually they got me and wheeled me into the anaesthetic bay by an operating theatre. The anaesthetist was a cheerful woman who chatted with me for a bit, while putting in a drip and beginning the process. They still seemed to be finishing up with the previous patient, and I had quite a wait again before going in for the surgery. They wheeled me in…

And the next thing I knew they were waking me up in the post-op recovery room. I was groggy for a bit, slowly becoming more alert. They gave me an icy pole (a frozen flavoured water ice on a stick) to help soothe my throat, which was a bit sore. After a while when I was more lucid they wheeled me to a small private recovery room, and brought me a simple meal of jelly (gelatine dessert/Jell-o) and yoghurt, nice soft things. By now it was about 3pm, and this was the first thing I’d eaten since last night, so I was pretty hungry.

Hospital meal

My wife came in to visit for a bit, but they weren’t discharging me until 6:30pm, so she had to leave again and come back later to pick me up. The nurses said that the local anaesthetic the surgeon put into my throat would wear off soon and it would start to get painful, and then I could have some painkilling tablets. But I actually felt pretty good the whole time. Even now later in the evening it’s not especially painful, and I’m sure the local must have worn off by now, so maybe I’m lucky and it’s not going to be very painful.

My wife made scrambled eggs for dinner – something nice and soft. Later I’ll have a big bowl of ice cream!

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Pre-tonsil prep

Today I had my face-to-face ethics class at the school. It was the last week before school holidays – two weeks off, then returning for term 3. The Year 5 students were back after last week’s camp. I asked them where they went and they said Canberra. I said it must have been very cold, and they agreed enthusiastically. Canberra is inland and nestled in mountains, so it gets very cold in winter – sometimes it even snows there. I’ve been to Canberra many times myself, and almost always in winter, oddly enough.

We finished off the topic on moral responsibility, with a couple of stories setting dilemmas of who to spend money on – local people/family, or foreign people (via charities) who need it more. There was some good discussion of this, with various different ideas on how to decide.

After class, I went into the city by train, because I had an appointment in there. (By this I mean the Central Business District, or “downtown” area, although we don’t use the term “downtown” here.) I picked up some Japanese food for lunch while in there, and also checked out a bookshop. And I took some photos!

George St COVID

This is George Street, the main street of Sydney. Normally around lunch time it would be absolutely crowded with people, but we’ve had a new COVID-19 outbreak here developing over the past few days. Today 16 new cases were announced, taking the total up to 37 cases. This was enough to make the government reintroduce some very strict mask requirements and movement restrictions. Facemasks are now mandatory (as from this afternoon) in every non-residential indoor setting, including office workplaces. They were made mandatory again on public transport and in shops a few days ago, but this workplace requirement is new – something we didn’t have at any time before. There are also travel restrictions now in place for subregions of Sydney, with people not being allowed to leave their local government area (essentially an area covering a few suburbs). The general feeling is that this is one step short of a full lockdown, which I think a lot of people are expecting within the next day or two if cases continues to rise.

GPO Sydney

Back to photos, this is the Sydney General Post Office, which is considered the building marking the central reference point for the city. Distances in Sydney are measured “from the GPO”.

QVB interior

This is the interior of the Queen Victoria Building, and old government office building dating from 1898, now converted to a shopping area. Many people in government in the 1950s and 60s wanted to demolish the building to make way for more modern development, but fortunately that ever happened and we now have this beautiful Victorian era building in the middle of the city.

QVB exterior

Here’s an exterior view, of the southern end of the building. It’s a long, thin building running north-south, so it’s a lot longer in the other direction than you can see here.

Back home this afternoon I had a Zoom call with a former work colleague, who is now a professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, teaching various image processing and engineering subjects. He’s offered me a casual job teaching tutorials for his image processing course for the second semester of this year, which I’m thinking I’ll probably take up. So we were discussing what would be involved and so on. It looks promising, and if approved I should be starting this job in August.

Finally today, I got information from the hospital for my tonsillectomy tomorrow. I need to fast from 4am and show up at the hospital at 10am. I don’t know yet what time I’ll be released, but I’m expecting I’ll be home for dinner. Assuming I feel okay to eat anything but ice cream…

So I suppose my next blog entry will be after the operation, and I can tell you how it went.

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Intensive comics

Not much to say about today. It was cold and a bit wet, and I worked on comics all day, getting those buffers filled before Thursday.

This evening I took Scully out for a walk while my wife was doing an aerobics class. We took a loop route through the adjoining suburb and back across a footbridge over the creek.

Footbridge at night

It was very dark and moody crossing the bridge, still slick with the earlier rain, so I tried a couple of quick photos with my phone. Above is looking east, below is looking west.

Footbridge at night

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Rainy winter solstice

It was winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere today, which means the hours of sunshine start getting longer again and we can start looking forward to spring. But today was cold and intermittently rainy.

I had my Monday morning online ethics class, repeating the topic about natural resources that I did last Friday. This time there were three kids in the class, and we had some interesting disagreements! One of the kids definitely shows a bit of a New Agey/environmentalist bent, while another one today declared that he likes to think about things from an “economics point of view”. So when I asked questions like whether a country should let its farmers take all the water from a river, or if they should leave some to flow across the border into the next country, their answers were almost polar opposites. The first said they should share it, while the second said that because the river started in the first country, it’s their water and they can use it all, unless the other country offers them something for it.

And when I gave an example of an apple tree that nobody owns – it’s just growing on public land – one said that you can’t take the apples because it’s stealing, you should negotiate to share with other people; while the other said it’s fine to just take all the apples, first in first served. So it was definitely an interesting class, with lots of back and forth. But they were respectful and disagreed politely, and I got them to explain their thinking with reasons, so it was actually really good.

I worked a bit today on Darths & Droids, and did some housecleaning – vacuuming and cleaning the shower. Oh, and baked some sourdough bread.

This afternoon the rain eased off and I took Scully to the dog park. Today one of the regular women there brought a folding table, and a selection of cheese and crackers, and a big pot of mulled wine, which she reheated over a portable gas burner. This was a special celebration to mark the winter solstice – she does it every year. I recall being there one previous year when it was on – can’t remember if it was last year or the year before.

So anyway, the group of dog owners, about a dozen of us, stood around munching on cheese and crackers and drinking hot mulled wine! Very civilised!

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