Ongoing flu and windy weather

I did a RAT for COVID and it was negative. So I’m fairly sure what I have is a flu. Despite getting the latest flu vaccination just two weeks ago. Well, hopefully that is taking some of the edge off it, since I don’t feel as bad as some flus I’ve had in the past.

I got up this morning and cancelled my Outschool classes for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I’ll make the call whether I feel up to teaching again by Tuesday evening.

Today was cold and very windy. My wife and I took Scully for a walk in the early afternoon and it was just awful being out there, with autumn leaves and street dust swirling around everywhere. I had to stop a couple of times to rub grit out of my eyes, and that was while wearing tightly fitting sunglasses.

Apart from trying to hammer out some more Darths & Droids scripts, I didn’t do much today. My wife even cooked dinner! Pasta alla norma, with roasted eggplant. Really good!

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