Ninja Grandma, and a ninja flu

I did a second playtest of the Ninja Grandma board game design with my wife today, after iterating on the first design and changing some of the rules. I went for a modular bard instead of a fixed one, and changed from worker placement to a movement mechanic, which increases interaction and strategic decisions.

Ninja Grandma board game playtest

The potions are now more powerful, so it’s worth making them, and there are also poisons. And animal costumes so you can disguise your ninjas as other animals. It might be a bit too much, as this iteration required a lot more analysis to decide on a move. But such is the nature of design!

In other news, I had a bad sore throat yesterday. I was able to do my classes on Zoom, but by the end of the fourth one my voice was breaking and I couldn’t have done another one. I had real trouble sleeping overnight and am very tired today, and feeling some other symptoms of what I think is the flu. Hopefully it’s not COVID again, since I had that only a bit over a month ago! I’ve cancelled all my Outschool classes for tomorrow, because I really don’t think I’ll be better, and I need to provide 24 hours’ notice.

Hopefully tonight I’ll be tired enough to fall asleep and sleep through the night.

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2 thoughts on “Ninja Grandma, and a ninja flu”

  1. Of course, respiratory viruses other than SARS-CoV-2 still exist. I hope it’s nothing serious. (Now, off to take a COVID test. I’m meeting an older friend and I was sniffling and coughing yesterday.)

  2. Tell us more about the “modular bard” – Can you swap out his instrument or sonnets?

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