24 hours of flu

The past 24 hours have been mostly about me being sick. I went to bed before 11pm, but was still awake at 3am, not having managed to fall asleep due to the sore throat, dripping nose, and sore sinuses. I decided to get up and have some sinus medication, with a glass of milk. I also liberally rubbed Vicks VapoRub on my chest, hoping that would help clear the nose. It all worked a bit, because I got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep before my wife got up at the alarm to get ready for work.

Symptoms were less during the morning, but have progressively got worse again as the day wore on, as has been the pattern so far. This evening I think I feel even worse than last night.

I cancelled all my Outschool classes for the remainder of the week to Friday. That means a full week skipped, so I can push the topics up a week and no students will miss a topic due to their class being cancelled while I do others in the same week. It’ll also give me time to rest.

And mark university assessment reports… I have a bunch of reports and video presentations to mark.

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  1. Oh hey, that’s one brand I recognize (though it’s “Vick VapoRub” over here, no S). I didn’t expect it to be so global, maybe I should have suspected due to the name in English.

    It’s been around in my family since I was little. I’m not really sure if it’s ever actually helped me, mostly it just makes my eyes water, if I apply it on my nose, or has no effect, if I use it on my chest. Maybe it helps a bit, but it’s hard to tell.

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