Lunch with Lisa again

Today I spent the morning writing my class plan for the next week of ethics, on the topic of “Sleep”.

A bit after 11, I walked with Scully down to North Sydney to meet my old school-friend Lisa, who I’d reconnected with back in November. I met her at the station exit and we walked a few blocks up the hill to Soho on Miller Cafe. I chose this place because it has a good looking menu and it’s not far from my wife’s work. She tried a pasta dish while I had the chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce, which was pretty good.

We chatted for a bit and then my wife joined us for a bit during her lunch break. It’s the first time the two of them have met and they chatted and swapped some stories. My wife took Scully back to her office for a little while I walked Lisa back to the station to catch her train home. Then I came back and picked up Scully and walked home with her.

When we got home, it was clear that our new neighbours across the hall, who we met yesterday when they locked themselves out, were having their furniture delivered today. This caused Scully to bark quite a bit with the noise, but it was good that they’ll finally have a sofa to sit on!

I made pizza for dinner tonight. I opened a new can of yeast powder, and the dough rose a lot more than the dough I’ve been making the past few months – probably because the old yeast was beginning to lose its potency.

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