Catching up with an old friend

Today I had a catch up over lunch with an old friend from school named Lisa. I’ve known her since Year 6, so 11 years old. We lost contact after high school but refound each other at a school reunion a few years ago. We’ve kept up on Facebook since, but I haven’t seen her again since then, until today. She travelled to near my place on the train and we met at a local cafe. We had a good long chat, filling each other in on years of back-story that we’d missed. I took Scully too and the two of them got along nicely.

My wife went back to work after our trip today, but I’m still taking it a bit easy a few more days. I loaded all my photos from the trip onto the desktop computer – from my phone and from my dSLR. 1226 photos!

And I worked on some Darths & Droids writing and comics. That’s about it. Oh, I went for another 2.5k run this evening, and went faster than yesterday, but still outside 13 minutes. I need to get back below 12:30!

Oh! And I got some awful news! My friends’ and my favourite Thai restaurant near our old workplace, Go Hun, has been replaced by some new one that is part of a corporate chain of Thai restaurants. We don’t know if the staff are the same, but the menu has changed. We’re all in mourning, and I feel like we should have some sort of Thai food wake.

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