A solo game of Root

It rained heavily overnight and cooled things down so today was much more pleasant than the past couple of days, although still a bit humid. I managed to go for a 5k run in the evening after my wife got home.

In the morning I worked on my ethics class material for this week, finishing off the lesson plan for the “Why?” topic.

And in the afternoon I played a game of Root. I’ve been keen to try it with three factions as I continue learning the game, so I decided to do a solo game where I play the Marquisate de Cat, the Eyrie Dynasties, and the Woodland Alliance, trying to compartmentalise my brain so I can play all three in sequence. I took photos of the game at setup, and then after each round of one turn for each faction.

Game of Root

I’ve marked the Cat movements in orange, Eyrie in blue, and I’ve added green circles to show clearings with sympathy for the Woodland Alliance. THere was some very interesting back and forth, and the game ended very tight, with the Eyrie winning, but both the Alliance and the Cats poised to reach the required 30 points on their next turns. In hindsight I think I played the Cats a bit too passive and they should have attacked more. And the Eyrie managed to make it to the end without suffering Turmoil at all, probably because the Cats and Alliance were busy antagonising each other and neither made much effort to check the growth of the Eyrie.

It was pretty fun doing this! I’m inclined to try it again, although it would be great to get this to one of our in-person board game nights and get a proper competitive game with my friends.

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