Game design theme: haunted house

This morning I taught the last three lessons of the “Ethical Consumerism” topic with the younger kids.

Then for lunch I took Scully for a walk to the fish & chip shop and we sat on the hill lookout spot watching the dark grey clouds looming over the city.

Grey day over Sydney

This evening I had the third class in the current course on Creative Thinking and Game Design. After brainstorming ideas last week we’ve converged on “exploring a haunted house” as the theme of the game. We brainstormed some possible goals, including escaping the house, or trying to find a specific item, or even being scientists and trying to photograph ghosts. And we also worked on some potential mechanics, including one using sliding board tiles to represent shifting rooms in the house.

Next week we’ll out the pieces together and try to make a workable game out of these ideas.

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