A new French bakery!

The only real event of note today was that we went for a short drive across the harbour to Surry Hills, where there is a bakery that my wife wanted to visit. It turns out it’s the bakery that had the stall at the French market a few weeks ago, where I got the chocolate Parisian flan. It’s called Tonton Bread.

We parked a few blocks away, because parking in that area of the city is horrendous, and walked over with Scully. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall type of establishment, with two tiny cafe tabes outside on the footpath, one of which was miraculously free when we arrived. So we sat and enjoyed an almond and apricot croissant, and a pain aux raisins. The croissant was truly amazing, one of the best pastries I’ve ever had. The apricot was in the form of blobs of a thick jam-like substance, but not as sweet as jam, which was good because the rest of the croissant was. It was really more like mashed fresh apricots. So good. As we left I also got a cinnamon twist to take home for dessert tonight.

Otherwise, I did some comics stuff, and three ethics classes this evening. The weather has turned a bit greyer and colder and will apparently be this way for a few days.

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