End of the game design class, finally

After cancelling the past two Sunday’s in a row, I finally did the final lesson (of 6) in my current Creative Thinking and Game Design course. Unfortunately, only two of the three students could make it, which means I’ll have to do a make-up lesson with the remaining student so he can finish of the course later. Anyway, the lesson went well, we discussed more tweaks to the Ninja Grandma game, and I went over the thinking techniques they’d learnt and left them with a bunch of references and reading material for further information.

It was mostly a lazy Sunday. My wife and I wanted to just rest at home to help get over our illnesses. We’re both starting to feel better day by day. I think my fears of a recurring bacterial throat infection were unfounded. I’m just hoping at this stage we’re both well by the 17th when we fly out to Japan.

Speaking of Japan, I bought Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s new album, Hana, which was released a day or two ago. My wife and I both really like her music, and Sophie wrote this album during COVID travel restrictions, when she was supposed to travel to Japan, but had to postpone her trip. She’d never been there before, and basically wrote a whole album of songs inspired by her thoughts of what Japan would be like when she finally got there. So we’ve been listening to it this weekend to inspire our own preparation for visiting Japan.

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