Chicken burger day

Today was fairly routine I had three ethics classes this morning to wrap up the Curiosity topic. After that I took Scully for a walk up to the shops and grabbed a barbecue chicken burger for lunch at a fried chicken place. I normally like this place, and I had a hankering for it today, but today something was lacklustre about both the burger and the side of sweet potato chips that I ordered with it. Or maybe the dregs of this mystery virus are slightly affecting my sense of taste. I don’t really notice any significant loss of taste, but it could be slightly affected I suppose, like when you have a cold.

I worked on making comics this afternoon, trying to get my buffers for both Irregular Webcomic! and Darths & Droids up before my trip to Japan. I took Scully for another walk around 5pm. And that was about it.

So here are some photos! This was the foggy morning on Saturday:

Foggy morning

And here’s a shot this evening while I was out walking Scully.

Towers and construction zone

This area near where I live is undergoing a big wave of urban renewal at the moment. All of those apartment towers you see in this photo, except for the one at far left half obscured by the tree, were built in the last 3 years. The tallest one in the middle was only competed and opened for residents a few weeks ago. And the dirt area in the foreground with the excavator on it is land that just a few weeks ago was occupied by 19 fully detached houses, now all demolished to make way for more apartment towers. It’s certainly going to be an interesting time as all these new apartments come online.

New content today:

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