A new board game: Applejack

It’s fortnightly in-person games night, but only three people could make it in person tonight, so we decided to convert it to an online event, which has allowed a couple of others to join in. We’re playing a new game in Board Game Arena called Applejack.

It’s pretty quick to learn and get into, but has a lot of choices to make and possible strategies to try to win. Each player has an orchard and is trying to collect hexagonal tiles to make contiguous regions of different varieties of apples. The larger the regions the more points you score. But there are also beehives, and matching those along the edges of the tiles gives you points too, so you need to weigh up and prioritise either the apples or the beehives. The tiles are selected from a common board and there’s chances to take tiles that other players want as well, so that’s another wrinkle. We’ve played a few games and are enjoying it.

The weather is getting wintry. Last night on the news the weather presenter said that the day felt “brutally cold”. Now, remember we’re a subtropical city… the maximum temperature was 17°C.

At lunch I took Scully for a walk past the fish & chip shop, where I grabbed some lunch, and we ate sitting on the bench in the park overlooking the harbour. Although cold, it was clear and sunny – a very nice day actually.

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  1. It’s nice reading on your seasonal changes. It’s spring here, and I decided that it’s t-shirt weather today. Though the 8C in the morning was a bit chilly, and the high temps are going to be about 17C in the afternoon, and that is still a bit less than would be optimal.

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