Big teaching day – animals and machine learning

I finished off the week of the current ethics topic with my last three classes of kids this morning. I got some interestingly diverse answers on whether our general reaction to cockroaches would change from “yuk; kill!” if they could speak with us. One kid said they might be really interesting to talk to and we could make friend with them. Another said she’d still kill them, but she’d feel more guilty about it.

After that I did a quick walk with Scully, then returned home to shower and change quickly before heading in to the university for this afternoon’s Data Engineering session. The professor liked the slides on machine learning I prepared on Saturday and let me present them to the students. It only took about 15 minutes, and they seemed to get a lot out of it, as a late introduction of context and motivation for the machine learning lecture they had a few weeks ago.

It was another busy session after that, walking around the tables and chatting with several groups about the progress of their projects, and answering various questions for them. Some teams seem to be doing well, while… others needed a bit of guidance.

Back home tonight, I made pizza for dinner using dough that my wife made when she got home from work. Pumpkin, feta, and walnuts, on a pesto sauce base. And now I can relax, after my week’s busy day!

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