Extra busy Sunday teaching

Today I had extra work to do for an additional class to my normal 3 Sunday evening classes. The girl who I’ve been doing sporadic one-on-one science lessons for the past couple of years had a final lesson tonight. Her mother contacted me to say this will be her last science lesson for a while as she is now busy attending school and various other activities. I asked if there was any particular topic in science or photography, and she said her daughter was very keen on photography. So I prepared a lesson explaining some of the science behind photography, as well as a bit of the art of it as well. And it went very well! I could tell she was absorbing the info about shutter speed, aperture, exposure, and so on. I said that SLRs had controls for these settings so you could choose them manually, but phone cameras by default don’t – though you can get apps that give you manual control. And immediately she asked me what apps, and was excited to download one and try it out after the class.

My day was busy preparing for this and then running all the classes. So I didn’t do much else.

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