Back to Monday classes

Not too much to say about today. With the ISO meeting of last week done, I was back to three ethics classes around midday. I had an hour break form 12 to 1 and took Scully for a walk to the fish & chip shop and grabbed lunch, which I ate while walking on the way back, so I was ready for the next class at 1. When that finished, I quickly grabbed my stuff and took Scully up to a nearby station where my wife played tag team and took her to work for the afternoon while I caught the train into the university for this afternoon’s Data Engineering lecture and tutorial.

I got home around 6pm and cooked okonomiyaki for dinner. And then we just finished watching the end of season 4 of Stranger Things, for the second run through all the seasons. It was good watching it all a second time – there were links between the seasons that I hadn’t picked up before because of the long intervals between watching them.

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