Ark Nova

Today was games night, at a friend’s place. A few people couldn’t make it, so we only had four – which was perfect for a game of Ark Nova. I’ve played this once before, about six months ago, and wanted to give it another go. It’s a long game, and we began about 7pm, and didn’t finish until around 10:30. I came third, but had fun playing, so that was good.

The reasons I’m still up tonight writing this afterwards is that I made a loaf of sourdough this morning and set it aside to prove during the day, intending to bake it around 4pm before I went out for games. But my wife got home from work just before 6pm and said, “When were you going to bake this bread?”

If I let it prove overnight and try to bake it in the morning it’s going to be a mushy mess, so I had to bake it when I got home from game – now. Which means I need to stay up for an hour after I got home, rather than fall straight into bed.

Earlier today I started marking the final project reports for the university image processing course. I haven’t had time up to now, but I need to get them done over the weekend, as the professor has set a deadline for the marking to be completed. So guess what I’ll be doing all weekend?

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