2 thoughts on “Out without the dog”

  1. So I’ve had this question for a while, whenever I read your updates about having to eat only in places that allow dogs, and so on. I hope I don’t sound too heartless!

    Is there no way of leaving Scully alone for a couple of hours, while you two go somewhere that doesn’t involve her at all? Ever? For the rest of her life?

    I don’t know, maybe the answer is “of course not!”. I’ve never had a dog, and I was picturing something different than what you’re showing. I imagined dogs would be able to stay at home for a while.

    1. It’s a fair question. We thought when we got her that we could do that, and we left her at home alone a few times, but she was distraught and howling the whole time according to our neighbours. Apparently many dogs kind of get over this and settle down, but some never do, and Scully didn’t.

      We took her to a dog behaviour specialist and she prescribed some tranquiliser type medicine to help in training Scully to be comfortable being home alone. But my wife didn’t want to give Scully tablets like that and decided we could adapt and not leave her alone. So that’s what we do now. It seems a bit weird to me too, but we’ve adjusted to it.

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