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My wife and I took Scully on a very long walk this morning. We wanted to check out the nearest Aldi store for some specials, and it’s about 3 km away. And after checking it out, we walked back a longer way. By the time we got home we’d covered 7.5 km.

This afternoon I spent some time going through a big list of old login/password details that I had stored, to transcribe them to a new storage. There were some weird old things in there. I apparently had a login for the site centre.net.au, but I have no idea why. That site currently appears to be a personal loan website, but I’ve never had a personal loan, or even applied for one. I can only presume that the domain has changed from whatever it was that I can’t remember.

I also had a login for Minotel, which currently appears to be a Swiss telecommunications company. Again, this is a complete mystery to me. I thought maybe Minotel might have been a hotel chain that I booked through at some point. I bit of Googling indicates there may have been a Swiss hotel chain by that name back around 2002, but I didn’t travel to Switzerland until 2016. 🤷🏻‍♂️

And then there’s a login which is labelled “Sydney University Alumni”. I am an alumnus of the university, but checking the university website I can’t find anywhere were alumni can login to anything.

Anyway, it’s an interesting little bit of data history. I’m tossing out some of the info like the Minotel login. I just hope I don’t need it for some reason in a few years time.

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  1. Using the wayback machine, it seems centre.net.au was a company that sold various things, including cameras. It seems to have shut down around 2008. It was also briefly a clothing store around 2017ish.

    It’s crazy how domains can change like that. And even crazier that we can see those changes with the wayback machine.

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