Heatwave day 2

It was supposed to be hotter today, but it turned out not to be as bad as yesterday. Although it was just as hot, it was cloudy for much of the day, so the sun wasn’t burning down, and it was very windy, so it felt a bit more bearable with the breeze. Wind gusts got up as high as 80 km/h at times, and there were a lot of tree branches down when we went out to walk Scully.

We got up to 40.5°C in the city. But the main thing was that the night was very warm, not dropping below 25.4°C. Some parts of Sydney didn’t go below 27°, setting records for the warmest November night on record.

The cool change arrived about 5:30 this evening, and cooled things down considerably. Tomorrow should be much cooler.

I didn’t do much today besides stay out of the heat. I baked a loaf of sourdough bread (using a supermarket bread mix), and I wrote some Irregular Webcomic! scripts. It’s time to photograph and produce another batch this coming week.

New content today:

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