Ethical behaviour

I had my Ethics class again this morning. It became clear very quickly that the kids had had a talking to by their regular class teachers after last week’s behavioural debacle. They were all very quiet at the start. After a few minutes I realised that the boys in the class seemed to have made some sort of pact to not make any sound at all today. None of them were talking at all, or answering any of the questions I asked. Eventually one boy raised a hand, and I called on him, and all he did was give a thumbs-up signal. I said, “Are you saying you agree with Emma?” and he nodded.

Well… this was kind of subversive, but at least the class was quiet and I was able to get through the material and have a decent discussion with the girls in the class. The pact broke down as the class continued though, and a couple of the better behaved boys actually started answering questions and contributing to the discussion. Overall it was a better experience than last week, but we’ll see what happens next week.

After the class I went home and huddled in against the cold rainy day outside, and worked on some secret project stuff, so not much to say about that.

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