Blurry days

The last several days are starting to blur together in a melange of restricted left hand mobility, taking Scully for walks, and mostly working on Darths & Droids. We’ve done a lot of story planning in the past week, and I’ve written thousands of words of notes. Today I switched to actually writing scripts for comics and assembling comics, which are needed for the next week or so of publication.

I also spent a bit of time updating one of the old Sydney walks I did with a couple of new photos of an historical building. I only learnt about this building while doing research for the photos that I had taken earlier, and I decided I had to go back and find it and get some photos. It’s an old stable that was part of a 19th century estate – you can read the history and see the photos here (scroll down near the bottom for the “Valetta” stables).

Valetta stables, Artarmon

My hand has been giving me some pain today, and last night while trying to sleep. I keep trying to do little tasks using my left hand, and end up with some sort of muscle twitch that aches for a while. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have full movement or strength in it yet.

New content today:

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  1. Hi
    From extensive research I believe William Gore Provost Marshall, his wife and one daughter are buried under Valetta Stables. Do you have any info on this? After their bodies were left in coffins on trestles for many a year where ppl came to see the bodies, their bones were exposed through the rotting wooden caskets and the owner of Artarmon at the time took them to a dry waterhole, buried them and poured concrete and built stables. I am trying to find parents of William Gore. Nothing! I am a direct descendant from the Earls of Arran. My mum Pamela Mary Gore always said he was a relative of ours. I have asked relatives but no one knows too much, most have passed now. I also found out the Gores a descendants of William the Conquerer and thats why William has been passed down for over a thousand years. Also he lost 1 wife and 3 daughters before he died. He was evicted from his Artarmon house when he was 78 years old. A man of money and royalty died a very poor man. But somewhere along the line they had purchased a lot of land at Greenwich, Ffrench, Carlotta st and lane, Gore st. I could go on forever but I just wanted to let you know about the stables.

    1. Thanks for all this info. No, I don’t know anything more – I only learnt about it by trying to look up a bit of the history of this area myself.

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