Proofing Sunday

Much of today I spent finishing the Proof that the Earth is a Globe that I started yesterday. I ran into problems making diagrams, with my installation of Inkscape on my iMac, which was running as slow as a dog, with extreme lag in the interface. After struggling with this for some time I searched for any possible help and discovered that a new beta version of Inkscape was released just a few days ago. I downloaded it, and lo, it run much faster and was much more usable.

This morning Scully went for a pre-Christmas wash and groom at the dog groomer. While she was away, my wife and I took the opportunity to go to a cafe together and sit inside and have a decadent Sunday breakfast. We split a huge plate of roasted cauliflower, broccolini, chick peas, quinoa, and some other stuff, served with poached eggs on toast. It was meant to be a single breakfast, but we were both full after having just half each.

The weather was much cooler today, almost chilly, which is very unusual for around Christmas. The forecast for Christmas Day is only 27°C, which is relatively cool. Thankfully – I’ve had enough 40°C Christmas Days to last a lifetime.

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