Ethics and Discord

Today was Ethics teaching day. I walked to the school, thankful for the cooler weather after yesterday’s heat. I was the first scripture/ethics teacher to arrive today, as I often am – I like to get there early to set the classroom up with the chairs in a circle. As I signed in, I decided to count how many classes there were for each of ethics and the various religions.

Scripture rolls

When I started teaching Ethics here in early 2017, there were only 3 Ethics classes. We’ve expanded to 7, which is now the same number as Anglican and Catholic. That’s pretty good! Good to see that plenty of parents are aware of the secular option and are electing to put their kids into it.

In the class today we started a new topic: Is it okay to kill animals for food? The first lesson was basically just introducing the topic and then asking the kids to come up with as many reasons as they could think of for both sides of the argument. Next week we’ll start discussing which reasons might be better or worse than others.

This afternoon I spent some time polishing off the slideshow for the Science Club presentation at the other school, where I went on Monday and Tuesday. I calculated the size of the Earth using the data the kids have been collecting since May, measuring the length of a vertical stick’s shadow. We got a value of 40574 km for the diameter, not too far from the true value of 40008 km for the polar diameter.

Also since yesterday I’ve been reconfiguring my Discord server that I’ve been using as a Patreon reward for high-level patrons. A few people in the Irregular Webcomic! forums asked me about having some sort of Discord server so that followers of my various works could hang out and discuss things. I realised that rather than start a new server, I could just reconfigure the existing one, creating a set of restricted access channels for Patreon patrons, and public channels for anyone who wanted to join and chat with fellow fans of my stuff.

So what this means it that anyone who’s interested can now join the server! Here’s an invite link, just click and you can connect to the Discord chat. I hope to see some more of you there!

And also! I was editing some typos in Planet of Hats transcripts, when I realised that I have the images at high resolution (for a possible future book printing, if anyone would buy it). Which means I can set up the web pages with hig-res images for people with high-res monitors. A quick Photoshop macro and a multi-file search and replace later, and all the strips are now double resolution. Check them out! (if you have a high-res monitor)

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