Calzone Monday

Not much to say today – it was a busy day with 6 online classes. In between I went to the post office twice, to get some packaging, and then send it off, another Magic card sale. I also sorted out a whole bunch of cards that I still had partly assembled into decks, putting them into piles based on expansion set, so that I can reintegrate them into my collection before preparing to sell them off.

For dinner I made calzones, stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta, with a tomato sauce to spoon over the top. It’s a nice variation to make with pizza dough.

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3 thoughts on “Calzone Monday”

  1. I have to say, the combination of pumpkin and ricotta sounds very weird to this American. I know call Ozzies use a different squash “pumpkin”, but it still seems like an odd combo.

    I’m not doubting you–you clearly know far more about cooking than I do. I’m curious how that would taste, now.

    1. Yeah, it was what you’d call butternut squash. That’s the type of “pumpkin” I cook with most. I use it a lot as it’s one of my and my wife’s favourite vegetables, and we use it in many different types of dishes. Pasta, Thai curry, etc.

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