The passing of a tree

I took Scully for a walk after lunch today, one of our favourite loops around the neighbourhood, which passes through a park and then past a nice bakery, then down to the waterfront by the harbour where there’s a grassy area away from traffic where Scully can run free and chase a tennis ball. Except when we walked through the park today, was different.

Here’s a photo I took back in 2020:

Brennan Park

The tree that dominates the left side is a jacaranda, native to South America, but grown all over Sydney and much beloved for their beautiful purple flowers in spring. Since that photo was taken, the paved path has been renovated, and they chose to do a curving diversion around the tree to avoid being too close to the roots.

When we got there today I was shocked to see this:

Brennan Park tree gone

This must have happened recently since we walk this way about once a week, so it can’t have been too long since last time, and then the tree was fine. It looks like it fell over, as looking at the other side you can see the large roots have snapped. Obviously the council had already removed most of the tree – it would have been blocking the path and a hazard for people. I presume at some stage they’ll remove the rest and get rid of the stump. Maybe they’ll plant a new tree there, but if they choose to just lay grass over the site, then future people might wonder why the path makes such a strange deviation for no apparent reason.

So we mourn the passing of this lovely tree. You can see in the second photo that they have also planted small jacarandas either side of the path. So hopefully in a few years we will have a nice avenue between jacarandas to replace the old one.

This morning I had three ethics classes, and this evening my last one for the next week. I’m taking a week off for Easter, so that gives me a chance to catch up on some other things. I also spent this afternoon finishing off making the last batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips, which will last through the next three weeks of buffering. So hopefully I’ll get ahead start on the next batch!

Tonight I made broccoli and cashew pizza. I don’t know if Italians would be horrified or not, but it’s a nice combination, especially with a touch of chilli oil after cooking.

New content today:

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