Into February

It’s the 1st of February, last month of summer. This doesn’t mark anything particularly important, except maybe the monthly flea and tick treatment we give to Scully.

Thursday is always my busy day, with 5 ethics classes. I’ve realised my structure for this topic on hoaxes is a bit all over the place, and I’ve been experimenting with jumping back and forth in the narrative and asking questions in different orders. It’s a fun topic though and I think the kids enjoy hearing the various historical hoaxes that we discuss.

Another thing I worked on today was preparing a photo for printing as a large wall hanging for a friend of mine. He was musing recently that he likes images of doors and corridors and hidden spaces in buildings, and was considering getting something like this hang on his wall. I said that I have plenty of photos of things like that and pointed him at my Flickr account. He went through it and decided he liked this photo, of a door I took in Sintra, Portugal:

Door of Sintra

And then he realised that I’ve been selling prints of my photos, and asked me about printing and framing options and prices. After some discussion he decided to order a large print on a stretched canvas frame, around 80 cm tall. The version I uploaded to Flickr is a downscaled JPEG file in sRGB colour space. So I went back to my original 14-bit RAW camera image and reprocessed it at full resolution, and in Adobe RGB colour space for a wider gamut. I also cropped it a little tighter on the bottom and looser on the top, which I felt was nicer.

Then I had to get a quote from the professional print lab that I use and let my friend know. So he’s going to pay me for the print and in a week or so he should have it hanging up at his home. I should probably also mention that I’m happy to do this for anyone reading this who happens to like any of my photos on Flickr and would like a print.

New content today:

2 thoughts on “Into February”

    1. Well, it never really started. I made some prints as stock and sold a few smaller ones at markets. The four large mounted prints for wall hanging are now all hanging in my own home! I never got any custom orders for larger prints (up to now).

      I’m making enough doing online teaching now, so I’ve kind of dropped the photography business.

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