Back to the ethics grind

Today was back to work for my wife, off to her office first thing in the morning, and for me, with three ethics classes online tonight.

During the day I went for a drive with Scully. I had two destinations planned – one a petrol station that had fuel at a significantly lower price than any of the stations near me. It was $1.91 a litre, compared to $2.23 a litre for all of the stations near where I live. Given I put over 30 litres in, that was a saving of over $10. But it wasn’t really out of my way, because this station was on the way to my planned lunch!

I intended to go to Allambie Pies, which has very nice meat pies. But when we got there it had a sign on the door saying they were closed for Christmas holidays until 15 January! But fortunately I’d found just a couple of days ago another pie shop nearby with excellent reviews. So close to the other one that I could almost have walked there, although I did drive as it was pretty hot and sunny. This was Crispy’s Pies, and the pies were pretty good. I had a pepper steak and a chicken in white wine sauce. They were good, although honestly not quite as good as Allambie Pies. But the woman who served me was very friendly and came out to meet Scully. I’ll put this down as a pie place to go back to some day.

Ethics tonight was on the topic of Etiquette. I got an interesting range of answers on questions like what a world with no etiquette would be like. Some kids said it wouldn’t be much different, as people would be used to the fact there’s no “please” or “thank you” or other niceties, while other kids thought it would essentially be the end of the world, as people would be much less happy and more hostile to one another.

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