Contemplating Daggerheart

One of my friends signed up for the Daggerheart playtest. If you don’t know about this, it’s an upcoming fantasy roleplaying game produced by the people running the popular Critical Role web series – a bunch of professional voice actors who are playing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and record their play sessions. They want to move away from using the D&D system to a game of their own devising, to avoid intellectual property concerns about using D&D. So this end they are writing their own system.

Anyway, they’re holding a public playtest, which you need to register for, and my friend decided some weeks ago to sign up for it. He has received a confirmation that he’ll be getting the playtest rules, and is planning to run a game for us. I’m interested to see how it runs, although from the public previews so far I honestly don’t have particularly high expectations. It seems they’ve hewed pretty closely to the mindset of the 5th edition rules of D&D, which in my opinion are not the best ruleset they could be emulating. But we’ll see how it works in practice.

In other news, I didn’t have time for much today in between running 5 ethics classes, on this week’s topic of Exercise. Getting some interesting responses from some of the kids, although many of them are fairly predictable.

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  1. Sadly I think the _Critical Role_ people want to sell their game, and it seems to me that the TTRPG market is basically 5e and maybe Pathfinder. Making something too different from 5e just gets you less sales, even if it would be a better game for many people.

    1. Hm, can I add italics here? Somehow I thought this would be MarkDown but of course it isn’t…

      1. This appears to be a variant of WordPress. I say “variant” because it’s missing useful options like being notified of future comments in email.

        1. Wait, it doesn’t do that for you? I always assumed it did.

          Just looked through all the WordPress settings, and I don’t see anything related to an option for that at all. I’d happily enable it if I knew how!

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