World Cup do or die

As I write this it’s half time in the crucial Group B match between Australia and Canada in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Winner goes through to the knockout stage, loser is eliminated. And after a thrilling first half Australia is ahead 2-0. We’ll see how it turns out…

Today I had the last three ethics classes of the Stealing topic before starting a new topic tomorrow. I started writing that lesson plan today, but need to finish it off. It’s on “What If?” – and exploring the idea of alternate history. What if the Ancient Greeks had discovered electricity? How would the world be different? Would it actually have made much difference? And exploring other things like that.

And this evening I started another round of my 6-week Creative Thinking and Game Design course. I was hoping for more students, but I have one in the class. He’s very smart and keen though, so it should be good overall.

Oh! And while walking Scully at lunch time I passed a tree with another nesting pair of rainbow lorikeets. This one was lower down than the nest I saw the other day, about eye level, so I managed to get up close and take some nice photos of the pair.

Nesting rainbow lorikeets

Nesting rainbow lorikeets

Nesting rainbow lorikeets

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