Prepping for server upgrade

This morning I had the first class in the older kids’ ethics with the Privacy topic. That went pretty well. And then a younger class on the Heroes and Villains topic. This class used to have three students in it, but all three have left, and today three brand new students had joined! So it was a new experience for all of them. They all got into it well and I think they liked it, so hopefully they’ll all be back.

I decided some fish & chips was due, so I took Scully up to the fish & chip shop for lunch. I took the order to the small park on the hill overlooking the harbour to eat it. There was an older couple there sitting and enjoying the view too. After a while they got up to leave, and they stopped to ask me where they were! They’d come on an exploratory walk from the nearest train station and basically stumbled upon this place. I asked them which way they’d come, and they indicated along the creek and up the hill, so I showed them the other way back to the station along the streets, and they thanked me and set off.

Something else I noticed while walking Scully the other day: There’s a large house we walk past regularly, and since we got back from Japan I’ve seen that the brick wall around it has been partially destroyed. It looks like a car went out of control at the adjacent intersection, mounted the kerb, and smashed into the wall. Today there was a builder there starting to work on fixing up the damaged brickwork. Presumably it happened while we were overseas.

This afternoon I began working on a task that I have to get done. Remember the web server upgrade that broke my MediaWiki installation? Well, I downgraded PHP back to a working version, but now I have a deadline to re-upgrade before the webhost starts charging me monthly for running an unsupported legacy version. But before I can upgrade PHP, I need to upgrade MediaWiki so it will (hopefully) work with the new PHP. And if it doesn’t, I need to have a full readable backup of all the data on my private wiki, so I don’t lose it.

So I’ve been porting wiki pages to Obsidian all afternoon. Fortunately I don’t have hundreds of them – it’s a tractable task, but it will need to be spread out over a few days.

New content today:

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  1. It’s interesting how people like you and I, with minimal training and licensing, are allowed–encouraged–to control heavy, high-speed vehicles capable of smashing down brick walls.

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