This lingering cough again

Tuesday, start of a new ethics class topic. This week we’re discussing Curiosity. One of the things I get the kids to think about is the strange dual-sided nature of curiosity. Sometimes we’re told it’s a good thing, sometimes a bad thing. What’s the difference and how can we know which is which? Is indulging in curiosity inherently linked to risk?

The other main news is still the tail end of this illness. I’m feeling mostly better, and am sleeping a lot better, without the clogged sinuses and runny nose and phlegmy throat. The main issue is a lingering cough, which is exacerbated by speaking, so it manifests mostly towards the end of a series of teaching classes, which is annoying as I need to keep muting myself to cough, and then occasionally forget to unmute when talking to the kids.

The eye infection is about 80% better and not really bothering me much any more. So that’s good.

The other main thing I did today was enter all the marks for the Data Engineering course into the university system via their web interface. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a long and tedious amount of copy/pasting. I think it ended up taking longer than the hour I estimated yesterday.

For dinner tonight I made tomato soup. Mainly because in the grocery delivery order last week I asked for three tomatoes, but they gave me five. And even three was more than we strictly needed for my sandwiches during the week. I ended up putting five tomatoes into the soup, and just keeping one left over for other uses until the next shop (we had other tomatoes also left over from the week before). But five tomatoes doesn’t actually make a lot of soup, so I ate mine with a grilled cheese sandwich, dunking it into the soup.

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    1. Yeah, that’s an interesting topic to think about. I’d need to work it into a larger discussion topic. Maybe something about heroes and villains in general. Yeah, thanks, I’ll have a think about this!

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