A nice mid-week lunch

My wife is busy at work as we approach the end of financial year, but she had today off, so I treated her to a nice lunch out. We drove several suburbs away, about half an hour, and tried a wine bar which was open for lunch and has outdoor seating so we could take Scully. The weather was a bit chilly, but the forecast of showers didn’t eventuate and it was reasonably nice.

The food was very good! We had burrata with fennel jam for a starter, and then I had some fried barramundi fillet with an Asian style sauce and vegetables. And I had to try the sticky date pudding for dessert.

It was okay being so full afterwards, since I had three ethics classes tonight and didn’t get to dinner until after 8pm, which was just some minestrone made from yesterday’s leftover vegetable soup. But being out for much of the day I had to finish writing my new lesson for the older children, on this week’s topic of “The End of The World”. This should be a fun one to start tomorrow morning!

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