Hot cross buns and fixed email

My email was still not working when I got up this morning. I checked the support request I submitted last night, and found that they’d responded with a very generic “Tell us more about your problem” message. It really looked like an automated message and nobody had read my original support request at all. I wonder if a lot of support centres have an automated response to every initial request like this, to weed out people who don’t really need help, and it’s only if your persist and respond with “more information” that anyone actually looks at your request.

I supplied a tiny bit more info, but honestly any competent support person could have diagnosed my problem from the original message. Within 10 minutes of sending the “more info”, a support person had determined that there was a configuration problem on my email account, and pushed an update which instantly fixed it. If someone had just read my initial message they would have been able to do the same thing last night.

Anyway. It was another cold day today. We’re having a real wintery snap here. Today I had to wear my slippers in the house for the first time since last winter. And wore trousers when going for a walk outside, rather than shorts.

For lunch my wife and I walked with Scully over to the Naremburn bakery, after phoning to check if they were open on the public holiday Monday. They were open, but said they’d be closing early at 1pm, so we went a bit earlier than we’d planned, and had lunch there. They had a new chilli con carne pie, which I tried, and it was pretty good. We bought a half dozen hot cross buns to bring home, only our second batch after getting a first half dozen just a few days ago. These are hand-made specialty ones, which are very dense and stuffed with sultanas, and glazed with a very sticky glaze that has a distinct fruit flavour. Very nice. A bit later tonight I’m going to try heating one up with some chocolate inside…

I also did some cleaning up this afternoon, cleaning the kitchen benchtops and the exterior of the fridge and going through a pile of stuff at my desk from last year’s Primary Ethics which I’m not using any more. And made some Darths & Droids comics. I’m building up a buffer ahead of my trip to Japan in June, and almost have the two weeks I need.

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  1. A slightly smarter customer service autoresponder would know after this one incident, “Oh, David M-M is one of the smart ones, so we’ll act on his messages immediately.”

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