First day of 2023

It felt like a fairly lazy day. I worked on writing lesson plans for my online ethics classes, which resume on Tuesday, and I made a new Darths & Droids comic. But I felt like I didn’t get a lot done and it ended up being late this evening while I still had things I wanted to get done today.

Of course, being New Year’s Day, we got up later than normal, after staying up late last night. And I went for a 2.5k run, the first of the new year.

I spent some time playing Azul: Queen’s Garden with my wife – our first learning game. As is traditional with Azul games, she beat me handily.

We also took Scully for a long walk in the early afternoon. The weather was warm but a bit cloudy, so it wasn’t too hot.

Oh! And we finally had showers again today, after a week of using the bathtub. I let the silicone sealant cure for 72 hours, and we should have been able to use the shower yesterday, but my wife suggested we leave it an extra day just to be sure. Besides using the shower, I also cleaned the stall with disinfectant and cleaned up the glass screen so now the whole thing is sparkly new.

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