Ethics of Greed

Tuesday is the start of the next ethics topic for my online classes, and for the first time I’m recycling a class I taught before – the very first one from when I began these classes early in 2021 – Greed. So I had a lesson pan already written, but I updated it and rearranged it a bit, with the experience I’ve gathered from teaching this class for over a year now. I streamlined the material and added some more in-depth questions to get the kids thinking. For instance, in the original lesson I never asked the kids “What is greed? How would you define it?” So I added that in.

The first three classes tonight went pretty well, but I do notice that the sort of questions I wrote back when I began were fairly simple and didn’t lead quite so much into extended answers from the kids. So I’m glad I did that restructuring.

Having a bit more time that I didn’t have to spend writing an entirely new lesson, I assembled some Irregular Webcomic! strips and a new Darths & Droids strip today as well. I took Scully for a long walk at lunch and had a seafood pie before getting her some running around exercise, doing sit and wait, followed by calling her to run to me. And for dinner I made pizza: pumpkin, asparagus, and walnut.

New content today:

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