Orange Trip, Day 5

There’s not too much to say about today, as it was a driving day, heading home from our short trip to Orange.

We got up in the morning, had breakfast and showers, and took Scully for a walk over to the cafe where my wife got her morning coffee again. The forecast for today was showers, but the day looked bright and sunny… except as we left for the walk it started raining, out of an almost clear blue sky! It didn’t last long though.

Back at the hotel we packed our bags and the car, and then headed off for the drive home. We headed east straight through Bathurst and to Lithgow, where we stopped to have a light lunch, at a cafe where we’ve eaten a few times on previous trips.

From there, we drove straight through to home, crossing the Blue Mountains via Bell’s Line of Road this time, rather than the Great Western Highway which we’d taken west on Tuesday. This road is more scenic, but a bit slower. We passed through large areas of burnt-out forest, from the huge fires in 2019-2020, which threatened Lithgow.

We got home around 3pm, and unpacked the car. We took Scully for a bit of a walk, up to the supermarket so I could get some vegetables and fruit, and also some eggs, to last us a few days until I can do a full grocery shop.

At home I went through my SLR photos, mostly of birds from the wetlands and reservoirs we visited in the past few days. I haven’t uploaded them all yet, but here are a teaser of introduced species before I do all the native birds: Common starling:

Common starling

And a spotted dove:

Spotted dove

New content today:

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