A Short Cut to Mushrooms

There are a lot of mushrooms sprouting all over the place around where I live. From all of the rain. I’ve been finding weird shapes and species I’ve never seen before. A friend of mine forages for wild mushrooms, but I wouldn’t do anything like that without knowing for sure if they’re safe, so I don’t touch them.

And yes, it rained a lot again today. There were sunny breaks, but the showers in between were heavy and windy and cold.

We took advantage of a long break in the middle of the day to take Scully on a walk to a bakery. I had a passionfruit tart, which was really good. Very tart, in the sense of not too sweet. We got home just as another shower broke, dashing in the last few metres to the door and getting a few drops on us. A minute later, once inside, it was pouring down, so we were very lucky not to have been a couple of minutes longer.

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