A long walk to a cake shop

I spent today working on Darths & Droids comics, as well as teaching the last class of my current 6-week course on creative thinking and a couple of ethics classes.

At lunch I went on a walk with my wife and Scully, a few suburbs over to the good Italian bakery. I had a pie and they had doughnut-shaped thing covered in chocolate and almonds which looked amazingly good. The label said it was an eclair, but it looked nothing like any eclair I’ve ever seen. I just ordered one, regardless of what it really was because it looked so good.

It turned out to be… an eclair! It was choux pastry in a doughnut shape, filled with custard and coated in chocolate. It was delicious – actually better than any other eclair I’ve ever had. A top notch choice!

For dinner tonight I used more bunya nuts. I made potato salad with the nuts as one of the ingredients.

Bunya nut potato salad

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