Still full from family Thai lunch

This morning I had the third lesson of six in my current run of the Creative Thinking and Game Design course that I’m running on Outschool. We brainstormed last week, and this week converged on an idea for the game we’re going to design over the remaining three lessons. The theme? “Contradicting everything that anyone says.”

I was a bit surprised when the student picked this over “Wizards having a battle”, which I was already starting to get some ideas for. It’s a bit out if left field, but hey… I can work with anything. So we brainstormed some ideas for game mechanics and, you know, we came up with some workable ideas for how this game might work. It’s looking like a casual party-style game, rather than a “serious” board game.

For lunch today we took a trip to eat at a Thai restaurant with my wife’s family, to celebrate her mother’s birthday. It’s a place we’ve been to a few times before, and it’s very good. They have a massaman duck dish, which is delicious. Combined with all the other dishes we ordered, there was a lot of good food, and … I just realised it’s now after 9pm and I haven’t had dinner and I’m not especially hungry! Although I think I might just have a piece of toast or something in a minute.

This afternoon I worked more on the data visualisation slides that I’m doing for the university data engineering course. And did another couple of ethics classes on the patriotism topic. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this topic, as the classes are running more smoothly now. Just in time for it to end tomorrow and then I’ll have to write a new topic for starting on Tuesday!

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