Plugging away at comics

I’ve been so busy lately that i haven’t been able to get stuck into making a new batc of Irregular Webcomic! strips, and my buffer has run out. I tried to spend today writing a new batch, to take photos on Monday and have the first one at least ready by publication time, but I didn’t manage to complete writing the batch.

I’m still not sure what to do about this. I could make one quick comic for Monday, but then I’m in the same situation for Tuesday. I really need to find the time to complete writing a full batch and get it done together, as it’s a lot more time efficient that way than making a single comic a day. I’m considering declaring a hiatus week to allow me to catch up, but that’s a little unsatisfactory in terms of audience expectation. I’ll see how I go tomorrow and make a decision before publication time.

I was distracted a lot today by the final day of play in the fourth Ashes Test between Australia and England. Australia has already clinched the series 3-0, but England fought hard today and managed to avoid defeat in a nail-biting cliffhanger ending.

It’s also been a little tiring getting back into teaching multiple classes online each day again after the Christmas break. I’ll get used to it quickly, but getting up to speed has been a big change of habits and amount of time to get things done.

New content today:

2 thoughts on “Plugging away at comics”

  1. At least thisone data point from the audience of IW: please do what you feel is best for you. While I quite like the webcomic, I wouldn’t mind a hiatus if you find it necessary, long or short. It’s a spark of joy each day for me, but I can’t make any demands on you.

    Thank you for making it, still!

  2. As another IWC reader: do an all-reruns week. I doubt that writing a few annotations will take up that much of your time.

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