A day off!

For the first time since April I don’t need to start a new week of ethics classes this week! I have taken the next three weeks off to have a bit of a break over the Christmas and New Year period.

To celebrate, I went out to play golf this morning – for the first time in months. Rather than hit a full size course, I went to the pitch and putt par 3 course, to try and get my eye in a bit before tackling anything longer. It was a fine sunny day, and actually warm – finally it’s starting to feel like summer. The course wasn’t very full, so I hit two balls from each tee and played them in parallel, so that I ended up with two complete rounds of 18 holes.

My previous best total on this course was 72. It’s par 54 for 18 holes, so that equates to averaging a bogey on each hole. Today my two simultaneous rounds scored 72 and 71! So my best round, and averaging less than a bogey per hole. Maybe I’ll try to get onto a full course next week.

I went home via the pie shop at Collaroy, where I grabbed lunch to eat while sitting by the beach, watching the birds and the paragliders who were taking advantage of the winds off the headland.

And this afternoon I relaxed a bit. And did my now daily run, and made dinner.

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