First image processing lecture

This evening was the first lecture and tutorial of the image processing course that I’ll be tutoring for this semester. I had a bit of a mad scramble today when I realised that I needed a Zoom account based on my new university email address, and also a Microsoft account with the same address for using MS Teams, and then realising I had no idea how to get them as the university domain had been reserved by the university with both Zoom and Microsoft, so I couldn’t just create a new account and choose my own password. I had to go via the university somehow.

In the end I figured out MS Teams, but I still haven’t figured out what to do about the Zoom account – I may need to contact the university IT department or something. Thankfully I could join the Zoom lecture as a guest, and told the lecturer my predicament (via email) and he let me in.

The first lecture was very introductory, and the tutorial segment was just the lecturer going through some basics of how to use MatLab. Next week we get stuck into some more meaty content, and the tutorial part will be the students doing exercises while I supervise and assist, mostly via MS Teams I think. There are 5 tutors and I think each will be assigned a subset of the students to look after, so I’ll have about 30-40 students to handle. So next week will be the real test of how well I do with this! Hopefully I’ll get a Zoom account sorted by then.

New content today:

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