Marginal Market profits

I spent most of today at East Lindfield Market, trying to sell my photography stuff. I feel a bit like a broken record saying again that it was really slow, with fewer customers than normal. Honestly, it feels like every market except the first few that I did has been “slower than normal”, ever since COVID hit. As one of the market organisers said today, this is the first time they’ve managed to have two markets in a row (consecutive months) in the last 18 months, with the various COVID and weather cancellations that we’ve had. We may need a run of consecutive markets to get the customer numbers back up again.

Furthermore, today was the first really cold weekend we’ve had as we move from summer into winter. So a lot of people might have just decided to stay home, not yet used to the cold weather. Hopefully next month (assuming it’s not cancelled…) people will be more used to the winter chill and come out to the market again.

Anyway, at least we did better than last month. My wife sold some of her dog bandanas, and I sold a bunch of greeting cards. Together we managed to just scrape over the line of making a profit over the stall hire cost. Which is significantly better than we did last month, so that’s good at least. It’s a tough time running a market stall at the moment.

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