Road trip day 1

It’s the first day of our road trip holiday. We left home this morning after baking some fresh sourdough bread, which we took with us to give to my mother along the way. She lives an hour north of Sydney, and we stopped to have morning tea with her on the way.

After that we continued on, stopping at Heatherbrae’s Pies for lunch. This is a famous pie shop on the highway north, with a high reputation. Unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to the hype. The food was good, but not really exceptional in any way.

We continued on, stopping at Taree for petrol and to stretch our legs. We let Scully run free in a park by the river to get some exercise. Then it was back in the car for the final leg to Port Macquarie.

We arrived, checked into our hotel, and then went for a walk into town to get dinner, finding a Turkish place open with al fresco tables where we could sit with Scully.

After eating, we walked back along the river shore, which treated us to an amazing sunset.

Hastings River sunset

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One thought on “Road trip day 1”

  1. “No new content links today – it’s too much work to do them remotely. ”

    You haven’t automated that? You?

    I am much too lazy (and not nearly as good a coder as you) but it seems odd that you haven’t done it, considering how skilled you are.

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