No conjunction for you!

I’m sitting here just after sunset and wondering if maybe tonight’s the night I get to see the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction…

But no, the cloud cover is about 90% at the moment. I’ll give it another hour or so, by which time it’ll be too late. I’m not confident though.

I spent most of today working on the Secret Project, making good progress, but of course I can’t talk about it. I also fed my new sourdough starter, in preparation for beginning a loaf tomorrow.

That’s about it. COVID numbers were 8 new cases in Sydney today, continuing yesterday’s downward trend. No cases of mysterious origin. Hopefully this cluster is contained and the cases will die out over the next week. The real issue is that nobody knows what sort of restrictions will be in place in Sydney for Christmas Day. The NSW Government has indicated that if it weren’t for Christmas, we’d already be in a lockdown extending over that date, but they’re leaving any such decision to the last possible minute in an effort to keep things as open as medically advisable for Christmas. So we continue to wait and see.

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