Losing my sunglasses

Scully woke up early this morning, around 5:30, and wanted to go outside, so I had to take her downstairs. I got to see the pre-dawn light suffuse the sky. It’s amazing seeing actual clouds and sky – we’ve been under a smoky haze for so long that it really felt unusual.

Being up so early, I decided to head out early for some golf at the local course. I started well today, but dropped off in the last few holes, scoring 58, one shot worse than my best so far for the 9 hole course. My first tee shot was awesome though – so much so that I took a photo of where my ball landed:

Tee shot landing position, hole 1

When I got back to the car, I realised I’d lost my sunglasses somewhere along the course. I phoned up later and the clubhouse said they had my glasses, so I’ll have to go back and pick them up tomorrow.

At home, I spent some time researching e-commerce solutions for my new photography website. I’m planning to sell framed prints, canvas prints, and other things with some of my photos on them. So having an online shop seems like a good move! I’m thinking of going with WooCommerce, since it’s open source and free to use, as opposed to something like Shopify, which charges a monthly fee plus a percentage of your sales. I don’t expect my volume to be very big, so I want to avoid monthly fees if I can!

This afternoon I got a message from my wife that Scully had been sick at work, vomiting a couple of times, the first being a weird red-brown colour, and had been lethargic all day. We were concerned enough that we booked a visit to the vet this evening. By then Scully had perked up considerably, and the vet was happy with the examination, deciding it most likely wasn’t anything serious, and Scully just had a reaction to something and would recover naturally. She does seem a lot more back to her normal self now, so that’s good.

New content today:

3 thoughts on “Losing my sunglasses”

  1. I seem to remember that Scully’s your first dog? One thing I’ve learnt from all the dogs I’ve had – Dogs vomit a lot. I tend to not worry about it, as long as they’re still drinking, not dehydrated, and show interest in food a few hours later. If they carry on vomiting after a few hours, then I phone the vet, but one or two incidents close together is nothing to panic over.

    Oh, and you can tell if they’re dehydrated by pressing on the gum. It should show pale for a moment, then return to the normal colour. If the pale lingers, phone the vet…

    As far as I can make out, dogs are basically scavengers, eat anything they find, and evolved to vomit up anything that might be risky.


    1. Yeah, we were borderline on whether it was worth visiting the vet or not, and decided to err on the side of caution. She’s had vomits before that we haven’t worried about, but this one seemed different.

      Thankfully she’s fine today!

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